Founded in 1945, the Kriterion cinema is known for being run entirely by students – allowing them o fund their studies while curating and exhibiting a wealth of arthouse films. The student collective manages all operations of the building, from programming films, to running the bar and hosting regular festivals.

Mr.Frank spent an afternoon with the Kriterion team in Amsterdam Oost, documenting the historic space and getting to know what makes it such an inspiring place to work and visit.

“There is something to do for everyone. Everyone who works here learns to do different things. There are some people who are good with technical stuff, some people who make the flyers… We don’t just do one thing only but contribute n different ways.”

“The great thing is that we can show the movies that we like, and that we have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing those movies. Because all of us decide what is being shown in weekly meetings we can be very selective.”

Kriterion combines film festivals and live music, arthouse movies and documentary screenings since 1945.

The cafe and bar is a hangout spot for Amsterdam’s freelancers, film fanatics, and local students.