Everything about FC Hyena embraces the unconventional. Whether it’s replacing the standard cinema seat with some very comfortable couches, or just the name, which stands for ‘Film Club Hyena’. A chance find at a flea market leading to this peculiar choice, what can we say, it works!

Even after a successful first year, FC Hyena is still working things out. With Hyena screams (parent-friendly screenings) and Hyena Docs, the cinema is always thinking of new ideas to bring in more of an audience. An audience that has changed over the cinema’s lifespan. With more families and and an older crowd increasingly visiting the cinema as it pushes to be a more inviting atmosphere for a crowd looking for a little extra from their movie experience. Although if you’re a local, there is a discount.

Unlike commercial cinemas, FC Hyena puts an emphasis on independent movie-making. Supporting local directors and production companies to hold their own screenings and showcasing otherwise unseen work. The ENA-sourced Surf Film Festival was a roaring success and there’s plenty more waiting in the pipeline, and no better place to find it than the creative playground that is Amsterdam.

Aside from the spontaneous title, every other detail is methodically thought out to curate an experience like no other. An almost hidden location and not-your-average cinematic snacks make this arthouse cinema with a commercial edge somewhere you have to experience. With no blockbuster cinema in the north of Amsterdam, FC Hyena does a lot more than just fill the gap. Its individual authenticity speaks to a crowd of devoted cinema goers, seeking something with a little more substance than you’d find in the centre. A fantastic restaurant serves up tapas and a delectable range of vegetarian options in industrially-quaint, slightly football-themed decor, in a location you must search out rather than stumbleupon.

By bringing the commercial and arthouse cinema worlds together, FC Hyena brings people from all walks of life together, to watch great films, whether they be action-packed or avant-garde, all screened in a delightfully-offbeat atmosphere. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and with plans to build apartments on the cinema’s site in 5 years’ time, FC Hyena’s days are sadly numbered. No pressure of course, but in the meantime you really have to check this place out, movie-maniac or not, we’re sure FC Hyena will not disappoint.