From the homemade cola that’s on offer to the promise that their lifetime membership fee will be ‘the best £1 you’ll ever spend,’ the Cube is loud and proud about its down to earth, independent nature.

Bristol-based photographer Alex Day spent a couple of evenings in the cultural haven, soaking up its distinctive buzz and documenting his experience along the way.

Captured with an iPhone 4 and a Yashica FX-3 35 camera with a Prinz flash.

With its Kids Kino Project – whereby volunteers screen films across the globe to children affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises – and its free entry access for Bristol-based asylum seekers, the organisation’s social commitments extend far beyond those of your average cinema.

The Cube’s events programme is carefully curated to appeal to its extensive and diverse audience. Regular Babycinema screenings, Nanoplex kids workshops and live music concerts mean there’s something for everyone.

Photography by Alex Day

Words by Jessica Sartanear