COLORS OF LA - Virgil Normal

A Nice Idea Studio


COLORS OF LA - Virgil Normal


Nike – Day in, Day out

Eastpak - Built to Resist

Eastpak - Effortless Journeys

LYNX - Ditch The Label - Not3s

Chaumet - Stories of Liens

Adidas - Early Bird

Peter, Bjorn & John - What you talking about?


A Nice Idea Studio is a collaboration by image makers Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger.
Within the last decade they have built a reputation for an authentic and unique approach with a deep understanding of contemporary culture.
Working in commercials, fashion films and photography A Nice Idea Studio aim to push the visual limits for each project, constantly striving for innovation. At the core of the the duo’s universe are authenticity, originality, colors and fragmented storytelling. Notable clients include Adidas, Eastpak, Nike, Universal, Chaumet, Lynx and Sony.
A Nice Idea Studio is located in Berlin, Kreuzberg.