With hyper-calculated advertising, impressionable millennials, and fake news abound, Mr.Frank rolled up it’s sleeves to further the chaotic mix of today with industry leader, adidas.

The core ethos of Adidas is innovation, spearheading several cutting-edge eco and tech campaigns, including “Run for the Oceans”, NBA Revolution 30 jerseys, and the “All Day” app. Turning their innovative philosophy on its head, what if Adidas became an absurdist brand? Could serious industry giants dip their toes in a comedic approach?

From this thinking was born the production of a ludicrous fake campaign, filled with balls to the walls content, for 2019’s April Fools. The schtick includes nine outlandish spots positioned as legitimate advertisements for the elite multinational brand, and features athletes in cutting-edge, mismatched, sports equipment; and a yoga pant-donned sensei offering a wide range of pop-wisdom.

These nonsensical what-if’s came to fruition as director Ben Reed was in town shooting for the IKEA “Matchers Keepers” campaign, and was posed as the ideal candidate to lend his distinctive deadpan and absurdist humour to the project.

The rest is history… or rather, infamy.