With a Dutch father, a Salvadoran mother & a life-long history of moving countries every few years, Maria is the classic ‘Third Culture Kid’. Don’t ask her where she feels most at home ‘cause that answer is always changing and her bags are always, in one way or another, already packed.

They call me Mr. Glass...

I have broken bones in my left foot, my right foot, my left arm, my neck…Last time I broke something was in 2016, so maybe my unlucky streak is over.

Say it & Spray it

I did my Sociology MA thesis on graffiti & street art in A’dam. My camera roll is filled with street captures, even tags, which I will always defend against haters. In the evolution of graffiti & street art, tags were/are/always will be an important element. Tag away, my friends.

Artists I love...

Enrique Martinez Celaya and Scott Kahn.

Series recommendation for anyone at the end of their streaming rope?

Carnivale, an HBO show from like 10 years ago. It has such a great cast & was unfairly cancelled after 2 seasons.

What’s a skill you think everyone should have?

Intuition is a skill we already do have, but mostly we are taught to place our rational mind above this other form of intelligence. And then we have to re-learn how to understand its wordless language.

What was the worst job you ever had and what did you learn from it?

Working as a ghostwriter & having to find (steal) info from other content creators & rewrite it all to form a book. I struggled with the unethical nature of the job for a week. Then I handed in what I had, unfinished, didn’t even charge for my time & walked away. I learned to never take a job that doesn’t align with my values. It’s not worth it.