People Just Do Nothing just keeps getting better

People should just do nothing other than watch People Just Do Nothing

Everyone has somebody in their lives (willingly or otherwise) who always goes just that little bit too far with a joke. The one who can’t quite gauge that crucial line between positively contributing to the comedy of a wisecrack and single-handedly milking it dry, leaving a trail of post-coital-esque exhales in its path – vague remnants of laughter of those unfortunate enough to bear witness to the joke massacre. Well this is how I consider the majority of TV sitcoms, which tend to churn out season after season without stopping to acknowledge the age-old proverb: QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD. But well into its fourth season, People Just Do Nothing is still as fresh as ever. If not fresher.


People Just Do Nothing is hilarious. Comedy gold in its purest form. The mockumentary follows a motley crew of sportswear-obsessed stoners/hopeful radio sensations who essentially do...nothing. Apart from, of course, running their very successful (50-strong listenership) pirate radio station in Brentford, Kurupt FM 108.9. “West London’s finest,” insists MC Grindah, leader of the pack.  


What was once a collection of amateur videos on YouTube channel, Wasteland TV, has now been blessing the BBC with four glorious seasons over three years and has deservedly bagged a number of awards, including the 2017 Bafta for Best Scripted Comedy. While the show taps into the very British culture of UK garage, you can still enjoy every minute without knowing a thing about it ahead of watching (trust me…). Besides, between Grindah going to desperate lengths to win back his girlfriend, Miche, and drug-addict, Steves, being convinced that his mate’s newborn baby is the reincarnation of his late grandmother, the narratives extend far beyond music. Not to mention the antics of the one and only Chabuddy G, entrepreneur/Kurupt FM manager, who will probably end up having his own show one day.


Scrubs, Little Britain, Two and a Half Men, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother. Just a few examples of sitcoms that should have gone out with a bang, but instead fizzled into nothingness by the time the plug was pulled on them. Such an epidemic is this that Ricky Gervais only allowed the UK version of The Office to run for two seasons. And what a wise move that was.


You might have expected, then, for People Just Do Nothing to have gone downhill by now. Plateaued, at least. But with its viewership increasing year by year (it’s now also available on both Viceland and US Netflix), it’s safe to say that People Just Do Nothing just keeps getting better. This is quite possibly down to its never-ending character development. With each episode, Grindah gets more narcissistic, Beats’ backbone weakens further, and Chabuddy G’s repulsive ‘charm’ intensifies. Equally significant is the fact that the Kurupt FM massive often appears on our TV screens for reasons other than the show itself. The boys have stayed true to their characters through interviews with The Guardian, an appearance on the YouTube hit show Chicken Shop Date and their popular festival performances. They even featured in a Dragon’s Den episode where they walked away with a whopping 50 quid. They have captivated audiences far and wide, all the while staying true to what led them to this fame in the first place – their love of music.


Four seasons in and People Just Do Nothing hasn't lost its spark. On the contrary, each season has been better than the last. We can only pray that the show won’t suffer the same fate as the majority of its sitcom predecessors. But, for the time being at least, people should just do nothing other than watch People Just Do Nothing.


Mr.Frank approves.