Location Scouting with Mr.Frank: CROATIA

Detail in the derelict: A glimpse at forgotten buildings in Croatia

Mr.Frank has a penchant for exploring the lesser known sights of destinations we know and love.

Especially when it involves venturing into abandoned, limited-access locations in Central Europe.

Scaling the length of Croatia from its capital, Zagreb, to port city Rijeka, down to the Island of Vis, the series features deserted and disused local spaces - Among them, theatres, nightclubs, swimming pools, as well as a former fish factory used as a logistics center during the filming of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Drawn to their stripped-down state and clean form and structure, photographer Marina Mche lends an abstract perspective that brings out an atmospheric quality in the abandoned spaces.












Photography by Marina Mche



Words by Rebecca Piercy