Be warned.

#FRANKLAB is a project born of a desire to create, collaborate and showcase the most mind-bendingly insane and bizarrely beautiful new work we come across. We’re inviting all artists with a knack for experimental editing to bring their wildest and most surreal imaginations to life, using video footage from the Mr.Frank archives as their canvas.

Take a peek at our mood board we’ve put together to give you a feel for what we’re looking for.



We’ll be featuring selected artists whose work will be showcased on our social media platforms and will hold an exclusive place on our Instagram Story Highlights for two weeks.  



Anyone with an experimental mind and crazy editing skills who would like a platform to show them off! We particularly have our eye on young, fresh and exciting new talent.

You need to edit film, but how you do this is completely down to you.



Stage 1.

Send an email to lucy@hellomrfrank.com to let us know you’d like to get involved. Your email should include:

-  Your full name, age, and where you’re from
-  Your answer to the following (This will be used in the artist’s short bio to be featured on social media):
In 1-2 sentences, let us know what you most get a kick out of when making something.
-  At least five images of your work, along with any relevant links to your work or your website. 
-  A photo of yourself (If you get featured, your photo will appear on our ‘Artist Bio’ slide on Instagram Stories. If you’d prefer, we can use an image of your work instead.)


Stage 2.

If selected, we will email you a golden ticket with all the information you'll need, including a link to our archived footage. You’re free to choose which you want to work with and how you want to work with them.

You may decide to use just one clip, you can incorporate all clips in one video, or you can make more than one video for us to choose from.



-  One (or more than one) edited film
-  10-15 seconds long
-  Square format, 1080px by 1080px
-  Send us your film in two formats: H.264 and ProRes


Most importantly, have fun, and go all out! Don’t worry about us, our team is fully equipped with protective eyewear and photosensitive lenses.


We look forward to receiving your submissions!