Business Administration Internship

Do you have a strong vision?

Do you have a strong vision? Can you stay on top of all things Marketing, HR and Finance? We are looking for someone who can run a one-man-show.

Mr.Frank is on the hunt for a very competent, full-time Business Administration Manager. Your role will be multi-dimensional, with no two days ever being the same.

This is a full-time internship for a 6-month period starting in March 2018. You should have a can-do attitude and feel confident committing to any project. We are looking for a responsible person who handles pressure well, but who still knows how to have fun! There is no 9 to 5 mentality at Mr.Frank – flexibility is a must! Most importantly, you should love all aspects of filmmaking and business administration, and aspire to work in a creative and dynamic environment.

Your principal tasks will include:


Create merchandise in tight collaboration with our Creative Development Manager

Understand how Mr.Frank is performing locally and conduct market research

Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives

Create a social media strategy for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, which includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

Analyze key metrics and tweak strategy as needed

Create a promotion, engagement and conversion strategy

Development of brand awareness and online reputation

Promote content through social advertising and boosting

Devise strategies to drive online traffic to the company website


You will be the first point of contact for any marketing and budget related topics. This will involve:

Keeping track of our truckloads of cash (we’ll show you where we hide it), and other finance-related tasks.

Managing marketing budget on an ongoing basis to ensure that all activities are cost-effective and within budget.

Making necessary adjustments within season as necessary.


- Updating and spreading the word about jobs at Mr.Frank, then conducting interviews with kickass candidates.

- Acting as team ‘agony aunt’ by engaging in feedback sessions with members of the team.

- Various office management tasks


Previous Experience

Has created social media advertisements via Facebook Ads manager

Promotion, engagement and conversion strategy for different social media channels

Measuring and analysing costs to establish ROI

Budget management



Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related study

Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience (Can be gained through internships)

Fluent in English (Dutch is a bonus)

Knowledge of the film and advertising industry


Maintains excellent writing and language skills

Time management skills

Good attention to detail

Ability to stay calm under pressure

Methodical and thorough approach to work

Good at juggling tasks and prioritising

A great team player

A desire to show initiative


If you feel this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, send us an email at telling us why you’d be perfect for the role, and the last movie you watched.